Dapple Dogs

Dapple Mini Dachshund

A dapple mini dachshund is still dachshund but they are a smaller variety of the standard dachshund. They have many nicknames, and are probably most commonly known as sausage dogs.

Miniature Dapple Dachshund

Why miniature dapple dachshunds make such good pets. Why are dachshunds the cutest dogs out?

DappleDogs Colour Transparent

Toy DachshundGreat For kids!
Toy Dachshund
8-inch Flopsie Toy Dachshund. Vienna the Dachshund is part of our mini Floppies collection, she has super soft fur. Great fun for adults and kids!

Dachshund Coat
Dachshund Coat
Morezi Dog coats costume, perfect for dachshunds, dog winter coat with padded fleece lining and high collar, dog snowsuit with adjustable bands – Red

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