Why Everyone Should Own a Dapple Mini Dachshund

Why Everyone Should Own a Dapple Mini Dachshund

A dapple mini dachshund is still dachshund but they are a smaller variety of the standard dachshund. They have many nicknames, and are probably most commonly known as sausage dogs. Dapple is variety that is not as common as the standard Miniature dachshund, but that must make them more special, right?

The many variations of coats that these amazing, little-legged doggos come in. They are all so cute that you will want more than one miniature dachshund. The colour of coats can range from black and tan, cream, chocolate and red. As well as a variety of colours, there are different coat patterns. These are: Brindle, Dapple (also known as Merle), Sable and Piebald. Also their coats will be either smooth, long haired or wire haired. The coat combinations are all so very unique, you could describe them almost like camouflage. People will be running up to you in the park or the street, to ask you what kind of dog your dapple dachshund is!


These dapple mini dachshunds were bred to hunt but now they have become a very popular dog to own as a pet as they are very intelligent, loving and caring. Dachshunds are some of the most loyal little dogs you will meet. They are very affectionate and loving little dogs who always want to snuggle up and cuddle into you. They will always follow you around the house and need constant love and attention from their family. This means that they might not be the best breed of dog to have if you are out at work all the time. Miniature dachshund’s are just so charming. Although they are affectionate, they are also very stubborn little dogs! 

They are renowned for being quite difficult dogs to train if you don’t have a firm hand. This comes from when they were bred as hunting dogs- they were bred to not back down or give up when faced with danger when they were hunting. For example, if your dapple mini dachshund doesn’t want to walk any further, they will stop in their tracks! Dachshunds were bred to hunt rabbits and other animals that burrow underground, and so it is in their nature to dig into narrow, dark spaces, as well as dig up your flowers. They also do not like to be cold, and this is why they like to burrow under blankets and bedding on the couch and in bed. This is part of their charm yet everyone still loves a little sausage dog! However they always want to please their master, and will be visibly upset if they are not getting all the attention and cuddles that they need! Because of their stubbornness, it can be difficult to train these dogs. It requires a lot of patience, time and will power form their owner. 


Mini dachshunds are very picky when it comes to the weather. Because of their short legs, when it rains the rain will also splash them as it hits the ground as well as fall on them from above. Combined with their stubborn nature, they can often refuse to go outside for walks in the rain! You have to try to resist their cute wee faces and be persistent when they have peed inside all over your beautiful, new carpet because they have refused to go outside. Along with a firm hand, you can use their favourite toy or tasty treats as a reward when you are training them when they are a puppy. Due to their long bodies and short legs, it can be difficult to find a jacket for your dapple mini dachshund in standard pet shops. However online there are many websites you can purchase a special made dachshund jacket to keep your sausage dog warm and dry in the cold, wet weather. 

Dapple mini dachshunds are very active and they love running around every day! But they also would lounge about and be lazy with you on the couch. They are very sociable dogs who will run about and play with other dogs in the park. Some are fearless and will chase other dogs, even larger breeds! Dachshunds are a good guard dog as well, they have a  very loud bark and if you can’t see them you would think it was a bigger, scarier dog! This makes them good dogs in the house to warn off intruders.


Dachshunds, but miniature dachshunds in particular, are prone to back problems and injury. 1 in 4 dachshunds will develop or inherit some sort of spinal condition or injury in their 12-15 year long life span. This is due to their long spines and short legs. These back problems can be caused by day-to-day activities, such as jumping up onto couches or beds! Dog owners have found a great solution to try to prevent these dogs from having these problems: you can purchase a dachshund friendly ramp. This means you can train your dachshund to walk up a ramp onto the bed instead of jumping. Also it is key to know how to lift your dachshund properly by supporting their chest and back using two hands. Combined, these will help to prevent your mini dachshund from getting back problems in their life.

On the whole, dachshunds, miniature dachshunds and dapple mini dachshunds, or whatever variety of dachshund you may be lucky enough to own, are great wee dogs! Although they can be stubborn, they are fiercely loyal, if you have the patience and time to train them, they make great pets to have and to love!

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